Seamless Animal Print Hipster Panties

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We just couldnt resist these awesome animal prints!  

❤Seamless: These seamless hipster underwear made of mercerized cotton material is very soft, smooth, and Stretch. And crotch part of the Stretch Hipster Panty is made of 100% cotton in heather white.

❤Non Sewn in Crotch: These seamless Undies hipster lady have a double layer of fabric in the crotch area - an extra 100% cotton layer is over the existing fabric with non sewn technology.

❤Tag-Free: The adoption of tagless design makes this stretch Panties hipster women more comfortable, and keeps you from suffering from annoying tag irritation.

❤Wedgie Free! Zero Lines!: These seamless Lingerie hipster women are elastic waistband and leggings with zero lines.