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Cora Harrington is the Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict, the world's largest lingerie blog and one of the few fashion blogs dedicated exclusively to intimate apparel. She started blogging about lingerie in 2008 and has been e a full-time blogger since 2012.

The Lingerie Addict is founded on the idea that lingerie is fashion too, and that it deserves just as much attention, discussion, and critique as the mainstream fashion and beauty industries. More than foundation garments, lingerie is a way to express your personal identity and sense of self. No matter what may have to wear on top, no matter what face you must project to the outside world, there's still a place for you to be who you really are with your lingerie.  The Lingerie Addict is also founded on the idea that lingerie is for everybody - no matter their size, race, sexuality, age, ability, or gender. We're officially a Body Snark Free Zone, which means that body shaming comments of any kind are not allowed. 

 Darlene Campbell is the founder of hourglassy, amply supported by a group of writers. cleavage-tutti-rouge-favorite-copy-2-300x300.jpg

If your breasts measure at least four inches more than your rib cage and you know that a DD isn’t the largest cup size on the planet, then Hourglassy is the blog for you. Whether or not you’re a “pure” hourglass, a lollipop, a pear, a square, an inverted triangle or a figure eight, if you’ve got big boobs, Hourglassy can help you:

  • discover companies that create clothing, bras and swimsuits for the large bust market;
  • consider which busty dressing “rules” apply to you and when to break the ones that do;
  • see how to make the latest fashion trends work with large cup sizes;
  • find solutions to problems that only a large-breasted woman can understand (and if we don’t have a solution, we’ll provide an ample bosom to cry on);
  • laugh, vent and share observations about life with large breasts.