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We have collated these guides to help you find your way through the lovely, but sometimes complicated world of lingerie.




How to care for and clean your lingerie, click here

So,you've found the source of your everyday sexy, your date-night show-stopper –whatever it is, it's responsible for making you feel fierce, and you want to keep it that way.

There's a reason lingerie is often called "delicates", even when it's something that's not-so-small. Satin, silk and lace are particularly fragile fabrics, and they need a little extra care and attention to keep them in their luxurious condition.


The mens guide to choosing and buying Lingerie for their loved ones, click here

The title alone is enough to put some guys off. The thought of entering the women’s world of lingerie can be daunting for men. It’s a world of unfamiliar words, endless options and weird sizes. But guys, when you get it right, ITS SO WORTH IT!

Women absolutely want men to buy them lingerie. When this is done right, it will make your loved one feel celebrated, pampered and desired.


How to choose bridal lingerie, click here

Congratulations. The question has been popped, you’ve probably booked your venue and are making your way down your wedding list. You may have already starting hunting for that perfect dress -but have you thought about what goes underneath? We can’t help you with the cake, but we can sure as hell guarantee you have an unforgettable wedding night.

Bridal lingerie is a totally different purchase to your normal lingerie drawer must haves -it’s about so much more than a white bra set. It’s how it fits, and most importantly, how it makes you feel. Do you choose a bra or a Basque? Stockings and suspenders? Simply sexy or statement erotic? Don’t worry Mrs, we’re here to help.


What makes our bras so special? click here?

So, just why are our bra’s so fierce, comfy and supportive?

Our boobs are more awesome than the average, so its no surprise they need more support and love. Lucky for you,we specialise in bras that really do provide that,and we thought it was time we talked a little about just how good bras do just that.


Brazzingas brief history of swimwear, click here

Swimming has been around for a very long time, but the concept of swimsuits as fashion is relatively new.

Early bathing costumes were more about modesty than looks or even function. In times gone by, a woman had to be properly dressed for the beach, but certainly could not bathe comfortably, or even safely. The swimsuit as a versatile fashion garment providing freedom of movement and comfort is very much a 20th century concept.


How is a bra made? Click here

Why are some bra’s better than others, why do they sometimes cost so much, and how are they actually made? If you’ve ever wondered, just for fun we publish this guide, just so we know how awesome this bit of cloth actually is.