Men's Guide to Lingerie




Why did we write this?

The title alone is enough to put some men off. We get it, the thought of entering the women’s world of lingerie can be daunting for men. It’s a world of unfamiliar words, endless options and weird sizes. But guys, when you get it right, ITS SO WORTH IT!

Women absolutely want men to buy them lingerie. When this is done right, it will make your loved one feel celebrated, pampered and desired. When its not… OUCH!

To help you guys out (and let’s face it some of you need serious help) we asked a male friend who is a massive fan of buying lingerie for his girlfriends to write this, and helped men understand what’s it all about. We promise it will make you a boss when it comes to always getting it right with your purchases!


Who are Brazzinga?

We are T&T’s best lingerie shop for the more endowed lady.  Buying good comfortable lingerie for women with bigger breasts is not easy in this country and is a minefield online.  The average clothing store doesn’t actually know much about how to select and fit lingerie, and many women are actually walking round with ill-fitting uncomfortable bras, saggy boobs and various aches and pains that result.  Giving your partner the gift of great fitting supportive lingerie will literally make her day.


The Basics, Lingerie 101

Knowledge is power.  Arming yourself with a few guidelines and having this guide to hand will soon have you buying her undies like a boss.  



Know what she likes

The first thing to consider is, what will make her feel fantastic, sexy and loved?  Before you do anything else, take time to observe her style and preferences.  What parts of her body does she like to show off?  What parts does she prefer to hide from view?  Pay attention to her existing wardrobe and lingerie.  Does she prefer a bra or bralette, a thong or briefs? Does she opt for bold colours or patterns, or does she prefer a monochrome or skin tone palette?  What items does she like or say she wants?  A beautiful well-fitting set of matching bra and panties is often the number one choice, or maybe a new bikini or a babydoll.  It’s actually fun to learn the mysteries of your partner and her lingerie drawer.

Of course, it helps to understand what it means when she uses strange words and wants for example ‘an underwired balcony bra with Brazilian panties?’  At the back of this guide are a list of terms used in the lingerie business and descriptions of lingerie and bikini types.

Useful hint:  When you undress your partner and find she has a matching set on, sorry guys, it wasn’t your idea…

Know your partners sizes

If it fits well, is her style, and makes her look good she’ll love it.  If it doesn’t fit, its going back and you are going to the doghouse.  If you can, take a peek in her lingerie drawer.  Look at the items you know she currently likes, take a photo of the labels or note the maker and sizes.  You don’t have to be underhand, you might ask her openly, say you’d like to know her sizes because you want to visit our store and buy her a present.  Better still, take her shopping, visit the store together, let her show you what she likes.  Brazzinga will provide you and her with a personal size card.  Later, you can always return alone, and buy or order more for her. 

You NEED to have the following information if your partners not having a fitting:

1, Her panty size

This is measured by different makers in different ways.  The good news is that good stores like Brazzinga can work with this information and magically translate it into other sizing schemes.  You are going to find the name of the maker, and either a letter S for small M for medium or maybe XXL for XX large.  There might be a number between 8 and twenty something.  We understand and can convert these.

2, Her bra size. 

You might find one that is just sized S to XXL.  This isn’t very useful.  Proper fitting and supportive bras however have a size determined by a number (band size) and a letter (cup size).  In order to get the best fit, the band and cup sizes are needed.  It’s handy to know that the number / band size refers to her size round her chest under her boobs, while the cup size refers to the size of her breast and us represented by a letter.  Examples: 32H or 42F.

If she is uncomfortable with her bra’s, or would like to get a professional bra fitting, good news.  Bring her to see us, Brazzinga can help!  Book your fitting at



 Avoiding common mistakes when shopping with her

We should look at avoiding mistakes ‘other guys’ make.  

1, Make her feel Beautiful.  A lot of women are insecure about their bodies, there’s nothing like swimwear or lingerie shopping to make some women feel like hiding in a cave.  Remember, this is YOUR lady and she is beautiful, and it’s your job to assure her of that.

2, Be mostly honest.  She wants to know what you like and don’t like.  Don’t agree with everything unless you really want to.  If you really don’t like it tell her and she will find something nicer.  If she loves it and you don’t, no worries, get it anyway.  If she loves the way she looks in it, it’s going to make her feel great.  Remember rule 1…

3, Be helpful.  If you see something you like pick it out for her.  If she doesn’t like it don’t force her into liking it, just find something else.  Ask for help from the fitter in the store and let them guide you.

4, Be supportive.  There’s a chance she may not find anything she likes or feels flatters here.  No problem, we can order most items for delivery in 2 weeks, and the amazing thing she saw that doesn’t fit, can be hers.

5, Don’t be selfish.  You may think she would look a dream in that metallic thong, but if she just hates thongs, it’s not going to happen.  While the purchase is as much for you as for her, you need to be mindful of her likes and find something between what you want to see her in and what she wants to wear. You both want to be happy and totally turned on by this, so find something that both of you will be proud to know she’s wearing under that sexy dress.

6, Buy the best you can.  Make sure that whatever you buy is exquisite, the best quality you can afford, and that it fits her perfectly.  Ideally make sure that she has been measured by us then we can help you select the items you and she would like.

7, Choose us, not eBay!  You need to go and see people who live and breathe lingerie, not talk to computers.  You really don’t need the hassle of buying the wrong size, or poor quality or of it arriving too late for that occasion.  Brazzinga cares about its clients and about the lingerie they sell, that the items fit and are the style she wants.  They offer a fitting service staffed by qualified fitters that is second to none. 


Brazzinga is the store that will help you to become the hero you want to be.


 What if I get it wrong?

Keep your receipt.  Brazzinga offers a return service so you are safe, but we’d prefer to make you and her look good first time, every time so use our expertise as much as you can.    Ultimately you might buy your partner our gift card, but giving the gift of actual beautiful lingerie is just – more…

Now you have all the tools you need to get those brownie points, come and see us by yourself or with her at 2a Lucknow Street in PoS or give us a call or message us - see the contact us page.



Lingerie terms you need to know

  • Babydoll: A short nightgown, typically paired with matching panties.
  • Balconette: A type of bra with a low cut and minimal cups which creates a straight line across the bust.
  • Basque: a fitted garment, with a cup, extending down to the waist line with some plastic boning to support the shape of the body. It often has suspender straps for holding stockings in place.
  • Boning: Rigid additions (usually plastic or metal) to a piece that add shape and structure.
  • Boy Shorts: Panties that offer full-coverage, but which are still more revealing than standard boxers.
  • Brazilian brief: Wider in the back than a thong, but less than a regular bikini brief.
  • Bustier: Similar to a corset, a bustier is a versatile garment that spans from the bust to the navel, and is fixed at the back with a hook-and-eye closure.
  • Camisole: A sleeveless, usually loose-fitting undergarment, similar to a singlet.
  • Chemise: A type of sleepwear longer than a baby-doll, which is usually tighter at the top and loose-fitting at the bottom.
  • Corset: A type of shapewear that typically laces at the front and uses lots of boning to add volume to the bust.
  • Demi Cup: Bra cups with a smaller coverage that add lift without compromising comfort.
  • G-String: Contrary to popular belief, not exactly the same as a thong, a g-string offers no coverage at the back and joins the gusset to the waist via only a string.
  • Plunge: A type of bra with a deep “V” shaped neckline.
  • Push Up: An underwire bra that also has padding, adding at least one cup size to the wearer’s bust.
  • Slip: Similar to a chemise but tighter-fitting; worn under a dress to stop clinging.
  • Sister sizing: I could tell you but this is on a need to know basis and the global bra manufacturers would have a contract on my head if I said openly.  Suffice to say it relates to how cup sizes exactly relate to each other.
  • Soft Cup: A bra with no underwire, and the most comfortable for everyday wear.
  • Teddy: A one-piece garment that can feature a snap-crotch closure, often worn instead of a camisole.
  • Thong: Similar to a g-string, offering minimal coverage, with the goal of reducing the chances of a visible panty line (VPL).
  • Underwire: The wire that runs underneath a bra’s cup, providing shape and support.
  • VPL – visible panty line – you can see the panties under tight leggings etc, the pumpkin look?  Good panties are usually NO VPL.


Bra Styles:  Just when you thought you were getting it, you learn there are bra styles!  





A quick explanation, but ask your partner, what does she like?

Row 1, very comfy, and maybe for her period but usually not very sexy

Row 2, The safe option - comfy, can be very hot too

Row 3, Very hot, and less visible panty line (VPL) but not all women like them!


Swimwear: What style(s) does she like?