Brazzinga Benefits

We love all our Brazzinga Babes, and we want to give you all a big thank you for allowing us to help you be awesome.

Announcing BRAZZINGA BENEFITS.  Our new scheme to help you save even more!  Brazzinga Benefits work just like those in other loyalty programs that save you money, but we think ours will put an even bigger smile on your face.



Earn Points: [Yeah, we are us so they are Brazzinga Boobs of course]


  • Every 250tt spent = 100BB 
  • Refer a friend who goes on to buy = 600BB*
  • Review a product = 50BB
  • Leave a review on Google= 50BB


Spend Those Points:

  • When you have collected 600 boobs (. Y .) (. Y .)  we will give you 10% off - ON TOP OF ANY/ALL OTHER OFFERS

  • If you prefer to hang on for a while instead, benefits get even better.       When you have collected 1200 ( .Y. ) ( .Y. ) ( .Y. ) ( .Y. ) ( .Y. )  we will give you a FREE BRA or  PJ’s.  Not just any bra or PJ,



Reward Type                                          Points Required

10% off on top of existing offers                      600
Free PJ’s or bra                                             1200

* Referral Benefits
Do you know anybody who really NEEDS to see us?  Whether it’s a friend, family member or that one lady… (you know who I mean?)  Together you can be Brazzinga Buddies!  Refer her to us and make sure she tells us you sent her.  As a thank you, if she buys and becomes a Brazzinga Babe, you will both receive 600 BB points which can be used for an instant discount or save it to get an even bigger reward in the future.
Maybe you should refer your significant other so these benefits go to you.  Remember the more people you refer, the more you all gain…

Terms and Conditions
Brazzinga Benefits Reward Points have no monetary value and cannot be used for any purpose other than redeeming against Brazzinga Lingerie and Shibue Caribbean purchases.